Simple Tips for Marketing Directors on making Youtube Videos for their Company

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Have you already started creating a few videos on YouTube for your department but nothing seems to work out? Are you a marketing director or marketing specialist at your company that has been tasked in “adopting video”? All of your hard work is going in vain and your company’s channel is still where you have started it from! Well, then you are not alone. Almost every new (and old) marketing director goes through this at the initial stage. Their secret to getting out of this struggle is that they implement the right strategies and tips.

Be clear with your company’s niche on YouTube

This is the first and foremost thing you need to keep in your mind. Once you have set up your YouTube channel, choose your niche on which you can work for a long time. Switching the niche of your channel frequently will mislead the audience and affect your channel badly. This is why choose the niche wisely and then work on it consistently even though you are not seeing satisfactory results in the beginning.

Stick to your company’s niche on YouTube

At first, you would hardly see any significant results. You might sometimes even feel discouraged and feel like giving up your niche and trying something different but hold onto it and keep going. Don’t be tempted by the trending topics that work on YouTube for a time being and then fade away. These are rising fads and may not align with your company’s marketing initiatives.

Sticking to one single niche is the key to success on YouTube. If you keep changing it every now and then, you are hampering the growth of your channel and, eventually, it will take you nowhere.

Have knowledge about your niche

You simply can’t create good content in a niche that you yourself don’t know very well. Creating videos with little knowledge on a particular topic will not satisfy the audience and they will lose trust and might even stop visiting your company’s YouTube channel. This will also make your company look bad. You don’t want a prospect’s first impression of your company to see that you don’t know your industry very well. This is why be sure to choose a niche that is clear to you thoroughly and you know all ins and outs of it.

Analyze your talking points

Before creating your video on a particular topic, you must look at other videos on the same topic and analyze them deeply. It’s alright to get some examples from other channels that you like. Go through the popular videos on YouTube on that topic and figure out what the audience is really liking. Make sure to pay attention to the video structure, styles, and length. Plus, also see the maximum views on that topic. This way you will be able to figure out whether the audience is really interested in this topic or not.

Plan your YouTube video content

Just researching and analyzing the topic is not enough. After doing other important steps, you need to plan your video wisely. Obviously, you just can’t sit in front of the camera and speak anything about that topic. Right? So, plan your content sequentially and then implement it.

For example, if you are creating an educational or guidance video, first talk about the problem, the reason for that problem, the effects of that problem, and then the solution for it. Eventually, conclude your video with a brief conclusion.

Write a compelling script

As a marketing director, you know it is really difficult to come in front of the camera and represent yourself the way you really should. No matter how well you have prepared your topic and have unique content to offer, you will forget half of the things when you will come in front of the camera. This is why it is important to have all your content in script form, which will definitely help you to represent yourself in a better way.

For this particular purpose, you can write your video content in bullet points and create a storyboard. This way, it would be easier as well as more efficient for you to create compelling YouTube videos.

Prepare yourself or team to be in front of the camera

Being in front of the camera is not as easy as you think. In the beginning, you might feel blank, and sweating, and even your throat might get dry when you try to shoot the video. Even if there would be no one except you while shooting the video, you are bound to get nervous starting out. This happens to almost everyone in the beginning as a YouTuber.

So, you have to muster enough guts to be in front of the camera and talk with your audience in a good way. To prepare yourself to be in front of the camera, what you can do is roll on your camera and talk about just anything. After a couple of attempts, you yourself can see improvement in the way you are presenting yourself.

Video location matters

As a marketer for your company, you need to look professional in your videos. For that, first of all, choose the right filming location for your videos. Obviously, you can’t sit in a room full of people or stuff and shoot the video. On the other hand, you can’t set up in your company’s office storage closet.

Here you yourself have to decide how you can make your background look professional without giving much weight to your company’s budget. Choose the right location that does not have any unwanted things, which can distract the audience.

Lighting is very important

If you’ve rarely produced any video, you need to be a bit more attentive to is the lighting for your videos. The reason is that poor lighting is another factor that will make you look amateurish in front of the audience. After watching a couple of videos on YouTube, you yourself can figure out how lighting makes the difference between poor and high-quality videos. This is why make sure to shoot your video under proper lighting if you really want your audience to like it.

If your company can invest in a good lighting kit, go for it without a thought. However, if your budget doesn’t allow it, look for a location that has proper sunlight. In this case, make sure the shadow is not becoming a distracting factor for the audience.

Find company personnel with a pleasing smile

Not everyone you see on YouTube is an expert. It’s all about presentation skills. They present themselves really well and make a good impression on people. So, if you also want to look like an expert on your topic, pick someone who have these skills and present the company in a good way.

Make sure they talk in a friendly tone and wear a smile throughout the video. Obviously, who would like to see gloomy faces? Right? Also, make sure they look convincing and engaging on screen. If they manage to look friendly in the video, things will fall your way even if you don’t have much knowledge on the topic.

Conclude the YouTube video strategically

Once you have done your homework on the intro part of the video and made it compelling enough to draw the audience, focus on the conclusion part. The conclusion of the video is equally important as the intro section because it is actually the call-to-action part. Here, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, visit your site, contact your team, and many more.

Just keep in mind that don’t talk about your channel and site excessively. Else, you would sound like promoting your brand instead of offering worthy content to your audience. The purpose of your video must be to offer something unique and interesting to your audience.

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