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Timing and Workflow

Workflow Process  

The first step in managing your video production project is to create a production schedule. Detailed planning is necessary to ensure that everyone involved has enough time to do the best job possible. We do our best to accommodate all video project requests; however, staffing and scheduling constraints may require us to move a project out to ensure the project gets all of the time and attention needed. Listed below is our workflow process:

Discovery and fact-finding:

Creative Concept Development:

We will meet with you to further understand your needs and the marketing project scope, gather information, conduct market research, and collaborate with our internal resources (communications, social media and creative teams).

Timing: 1-2 weeks, depending on scope

Creative concepts, including messaging, will be developed for each target audience and marketing channel. Once the creative concepts are created, we will present the recommendations to you for approval. This includes the use of scriptwriters and charisma coaches. We will also send over a detailed project calendar. This will allow you to monitor our project milestones and properly plan your video release.

Timing: 1-2 weeks depending on scope



Our team will record video on location or at our in-house studio utilizing state-of-the-art 4K and HD cameras, professional lighting techniques, and industry standard microphones, and digital cinema production services. Green screens, backdrops, and other resources are available to complete your quality production. Examples of our work can be found in our portfolio or enroll in our YouTube channel to receive informational updates on video production styles and techniques.  At the end of the shoot date the video project is more than seventy percent (70%) complete.

Timing: 3-4 weeks after initial project scope is approved

Services are performed on original capture and client provided materials. Staff utilize professional grade software and hardware to edit & color-correct video, mix audio, and compress your final product for different platforms. There are a lot more details and knowledge that go into good post-production service than most people realize. This is the clients’ opportunity to ensure the video project meets their expectations. Prompt clear communication is the key to success.  Below is a detailed list of services our expert team may provide in the post-production service:


Color Correction  

Visual Effects


Data preparation for distribution

Final approval and distribution of video data material to client

Timing: 6-8 weeks after project scope is approved. 

Before final approval and distribution, we will go through several rounds of editing and color correction (usually around three rounds of revisions). We then will give you some tips on best practices for video platforms and marketing. Suggestions for future projects. We’ll have footage that didn’t make it into the final video, or a concept or that could extend into future videos. We’ll discuss ideas on how to save you money by repurposing this content for future videos.

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