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Starting at $5,000
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This is ideal for brands that are new or in the beginning stages of implementing video into their content marketing. We provide the essentials to create effective video content for you. With a small crew, we will film your product and deliver a finished product, edited in our post-production suites. This is a compelling way to jump start your brand into utilizing video into your marketing.

Starting at $8,700
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This is great for brands with a marketing director/coordinator and implemented marketing strategies in place. We’re utilizing video to seamlessly integrate with the overall company marketing theme. More elaborate than an essential video shoot, this package adds a larger production team, script, coaching/consulting, actors, casting calls etc. We work with your marketing director from a wholistic approach, finding the best way to capture your brand with video.

Starting at $19,750
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We become an extension of your Video Marketing department; an external in-house video marketing department. We work with your marketing team to create and implement all the videos for your brand. We work with your marketing department to create engaging videos, optimized to reach the intended audience. The videos are distributed through various digital platforms (Facebook, Youtube, etc) and on TV channels such as HGTV, ESPN, TBS, Bravo and more. We handle all of your video marketing needs!

Starting at $45,000
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A video package that is at the top of the game! This can take your marketing to the next level. Using high level professional equipment, crew and actors, we create videos that will take your brand to brand new heights!