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Every business is designed to solve a problem. The problem that most businesses have is articulating how they can solve that problem. That’s the problem we solve with video. By not only showing what you do but illustrating how you effectively solve your audience’s problem. We visually showcase your company’s expertise in a way that everyone will understand. Your audience can't come to you with a problem, if they don't believe you can solve that problem. Simply put, YOU want your company to be seen so you can attract more clients.

Stories are in everything you do. Your brand and the story it tells impacts people, what they believe, how they feel, and the decisions they make. The combination of visuals and sound evoke emotions more effectively than text alone. If you want to draw your viewers in, connect with them emotionally, and move them to take the next step, working with TC Productions to produce your next video will make you the company hero.

TC Productions is a creative, results-oriented film and video production company committed to capturing and creating your brand's story and vision with the utmost of professionalism and quality in aesthetics. With our educational background, technical experience, and ingenuity, we're uniquely positioned to help you tell your brand's amazing story through high-quality video at an affordable rate. The experience will be nothing less than rewarding and fun. You'll experience it in the attitude of our staff, the videos we produce, and our passion for what we do, from beginning to end.

Business Videos
Your business is unique, and so is your story. You need a definitive storyboard to bring out your unique service, product, and culture that will resonate with your viewers and be easily shared. Working with TC Productions will ensure you have a professional video and your audience connects with your brand’s message within seconds. Learn more about our Business Video Services.

Testimonial Videos
Word-of-Mouth Testimonials are like gold; just ask anyone that’s partnered with TC Productions to create a Client Testimonial Video. If you’re looking to shine a light on why clients love doing business with you through testimonials to build trust with prospects, you’re in the right place. Working with TC Productions will put your best clients in the spotlight so they can tell the world why they trust you over your competitors. Learn more about our Testimonial Video Services.

Real Estate Videos
Buyers spend 4-7 times more time looking at listings with video. In a market where 85% of real estate agencies are using social media as a way of connecting with potential buyers, you need a platform that makes it easy to post video listings for buyers to view. Working with TC Productions will make you the stand out agent sellers want to list their property with. Learn more about our Real Estate Video Services.

Music Videos
Big dreams, tons of talent, a growing audience, and an independent spirit are what make you a rising star. As much time, practice and talent as you put into your music, you deserve a music video to go with it! Working with TC Productions gives you the professional production you need to stand out at A&R and Marketing Meetings. Your fans will love them too! Learn more about our Music Video Services.

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