Tips for Relocating Your Company

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Perhaps you’re moving your business to a larger building to accommodate your growing business. Or maybe you want to move to an area where your products or services are more in demand. Regardless of the reason, it’s vital to streamline the process as much as possible to minimize disruptions – not to mention stress! So here are some tips from TC Productions Video Production Company to make the relocation process as painless as possible.

Establish a Timeline

Before you begin, Houston Installation Services suggests creating a realistic timeline. Consider how much inventory you have to move. If you need internet service to function, how long until a technician can install it? Does your new location require any upgrades, repairs, or renovations to suit your business’ needs?

Your early tasks may include contacting professionals to make the necessary renovations or repairs. If you’re doing it yourself, tasks may take longer. Include steps on your timeline, such as scheduling telecommunication installations and making your official announcement regarding the move. 

Consider using a process map template to easily create a timeline for moving. You and your team can use it to ensure everyone is on task and aware of the current and remaining steps. When you make a process map, list the steps in a logical, chronological order. It helps to establish the desired goals and defines the criteria that make the move a success. 

One of the last tasks to add to your timeline is physically packing up your shop or office, which will probably be in the last week of the move. 

Hire a Reliable Moving Company 

You’re moving your life’s work. You’ve invested money and time into this business, possibly several thousand dollars since the average micro-business owner spends $3,000 in startup costs according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. This means you can’t trust the task of moving your inventory or office equipment to just anyone. Look for a reputable moving company that specializes in business moves. Read online reviews, and see what previous customers have to say. Also, check the company’s Better Business Bureau’s rating

Update Your Contact Information

As one of your main tasks, update your social media page to reflect your new address and phone number. Don’t forget to write a few posts about your new location. Update your website and business cards, too. You can easily create new business cards using a premade template. It makes the process simpler. All you do is choose the image, font, colors, and text. This reduces the time and cost involved in designing business cards or hiring someone to do it for you.  

Register Your Business as an LLC

Think about registering your business as a limited liability company (LLC). This business structure reduces your paperwork load and can lessen the blow come tax time, making your first year at your new location simpler and less stressful. It also limits your liability. 

Fortunately, you can complete the process online yourself or through a formation service, eliminating hefty attorney fees. Before you begin this process, though, check your state’s laws because the procedures for LLC formation vary from state to state. 

So Your Business is Moving… But What About You?

Especially if you’re relocating your business to another city, odds are you’re relocating yourself and your family, as well. Luckily, a lot of the processes are similar, like packing, hiring movers, and changing utilities. Of course, you also need a home to move into! With all the stress you’ll be under as you relocate your business, buying a house may be a little more than you’re willing and able to take on right now. The good news is that there are plenty of rental properties out there, including 246 in the Atlanta area alone. Just make sure you get your new home lined up well in advance, so that you aren’t stuck looking for a place to stay at the last minute, just as you’re also coordinating the relocation of your business.

Make Moving Your Business a Near-Seamless Process

If you want to avoid excessive lost profit and relocate your business with fewer hiccups along the way, plan accordingly and take steps to simplify the process. This includes setting – and sticking to – a timeline, hiring movers, and finally forming your business in your new location. Soon you’ll be settled in and doing business with success in mind!

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