Why Are Marketing Departments Getting Smaller?

Have you noticed that some companies are shrinking or even getting rid of their marketing teams? This is happening a lot, especially in small and medium-sized businesses. As a corporate video producer, our main clientele and connection to these companies, is through the marketing department. More and more, I have seen marketing personnel reassigned, let...

4 Types of Videos Every Brand Needs

Standing out requires more than just great products or services; it demands compelling storytelling and engaging content. Videos are one of the most effective ways to capture attention, convey your brand’s message, and drive action. According to Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and it’s no wonder why. Let’s explore the...

Don’t Make This Fatal Error: Neglecting Your Content Strategy

why content strategy is so important in B2B marketing. We’ll see how it builds trust, educates customers, and helps turn interest into sales. Plus, we’ll look at how using videos can really boost your marketing game by making your message more engaging and memorable.

What the Heck is Side-Door Marketing Content?

Side-door marketing is all about building relationships and trust with your audience by providing valuable content that doesn't overtly sell. It’s like inviting someone to a party, letting them enjoy the experience, and then mentioning, “By the way, this great party was brought to you by [Your Brand].”

From Explainer Videos to Demo Reels: Choosing the Right Type of Video for Your Tech Company

Videos have the power to engage, educate, and leave a lasting impression on viewers. However, not all videos are created equal, and choosing the right type of video for your tech company is essential to convey your message effectively.

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