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Should your Credit Union be using Video Marketing? The answer is YES!

Video has become an integral part of online marketing that your credit union CANNOT afford to ignore

How these 3 key elements, determines a successful Video project; Scope, Time and Cost

Even though the Triple Constraint is a project management term, it applies to video projects as well. The project that is well defined within a company's capability usually have a higher success rate.

Where to Share Your Videos for Maximum Reach

Where to Share Your Videos for Maximum Reach So you made an incredible video, sent it out on social media, encouraged sharing, uploaded it to YouTube and waited for the marketing fame and brand awareness to roll in. Unfortunately, each time you obsessively checked throughout the day, your view count wasn’t as impressive as you’d hoped. First...

Top 5 Surprising Ways Using Freelancers Can Help Your Small Business

Photo Credit: Unsplash Guest Post Naomi Johnson When small business owners think of freelancers, they may think about writers, bookkeepers, and virtual assistants. While these pros can certainly help small business owners make better use of their time, there are even more creative ways that freelancers can help businesses boost their profits. So,...

11 Ways Your Small Business Can Ride Out the Pandemic

Whether you have an online or in-person business, adapting to the digital era is a must. Take these steps to ensure your transition to the web is seamless.