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Top 5 Surprising Ways Using Freelancers Can Help Your Small Business

Photo Credit: Unsplash Guest Post Naomi Johnson When small business owners think of freelancers, they may think about writers, bookkeepers, and virtual assistants. While these pros can certainly help small business owners make better use of their time, there are even more creative ways that freelancers can help businesses boost their profits. So,...

11 Ways Your Small Business Can Ride Out the Pandemic

Whether you have an online or in-person business, adapting to the digital era is a must. Take these steps to ensure your transition to the web is seamless.

Small Business Matters: Sponge & Sparkle

As a small business owner, it is important to know the value of your business and how you impact those around you. Whether you’re re-opening your business or still sheltering in place, we’re here for you. In doing our part we want to help highlight our clients by showcasing and promoting their businesses. During the...

What are the Basic Concepts Around Business Video Scripts

If you’re thinking about developing a brief marketing video to promote your product, you have to focus on writing a highly persuasive and compelling script. It’s a must to get the results you’re pursuing!

How to Create Powerful Customer Testimonials Using Video

Smart companies create customer testimonials. Why? So their potential customers can hear from (and relate to) people just like them. They learn why they should buy a product and how it could be beneficial to solving their problems. Customer testimonials can do a fair bit of the legwork of a marketing and a sales team, helping to convince leads and move them further through the funnel and closer to a closed deal.