Reaching the Senior Market: Why Mortgage Companies Should Make Video a Priority in Their Marketing Strategy

With the aging baby boomer population, there is a growing need for mortgage products and services tailored specifically to seniors. However, mortgage companies looking to reach this audience should take note: video should be a priority when marketing to seniors.

Navigating the Challenges of Video Marketing in the Highly Regulated Finance Industry

The finance industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. This makes marketing within the industry particularly challenging. This is especially true when it comes to video marketing. Video requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the content complies with all relevant regulations.

Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing for Local Credit Unions: Building Trust, Educating Members, and Reaching a Wider Audience

Video marketing is a powerful tool for any business, and credit unions are no exception. In fact, as local financial institutions, credit unions have a unique opportunity to connect with their members and potential members through video marketing. Here are a few reasons why video marketing is so important for credit unions and how you...

Unlocking the Power of Video Marketing: 5 Tips to Attract More Customers in Finance

The finance industry can seem intimidating to many people. Therefore, it is important to create content that is personalized and approachable. One way to achieve this is by creating videos that address your customer's unique needs and concerns.

Timing is Everything: When to Invest in Marketing for the Finance Industry

With increasing competition, it is essential to invest in marketing campaigns that differentiate your brand from others in the industry.

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