What do you want to say and who do you want to hear it

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The first two questions you should ask yourself when creating a marketing video for your business are “What do I want to say through this video?” and “Who do I want to hear it?” These questions should not be put off until the last minute, as the answers will influence everything about your video. Here are some things to consider as you answer these questions.

When considering who you want to hear your message through your video, you should keep your current audience in mind. Who is already engaging with your brand? How are they engaging with you, and how can you create a video that will resonate with them?

Also, decide if you are making a video for a specific audience. If you want to target first-time clients, investors, or potential employees, you should make that known on the front end. Audiences want to feel catered to, so be sure to be intentional when considering them.

Once you decide who you’re talking to, then you can decide what you want to say. If you’re focusing on first-time clients, maybe you’d like to tell them about your process or remind them of the benefits of working with you. If you’re talking to potential employees, perhaps you’d like to share more about your mission and history as a business and what it’s like to work there.

If you’re talking to the general public, maybe you just want them to know you’re there and ready to provide your service or product. Regardless of who you’re talking to, be sure to tailor what you say so that it’s useful and relevant to the audience.

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