No, we can’t use cell phone footage to create your marketing video

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So you have the smartphone with the best camera on the market. Your pictures are coming out great, and maybe your pictures are even good enough to post on your website. Cool, that’s great. But when it comes to creating a professional marketing video for your business, smartphone footage just won’t cut it.

We know you think it looks great, but it won’t look as great compared to footage from a professional camera with a professional crew. And even if you do want to use cellphone footage, it’s more apparent than ever once it’s edited into one cohesive video. B-roll is often shot on professional cameras, so to alternate between that and your cellphone footage will be a jarring experience for you viewers, to say the least. Save them the pain by just being cohesive in your visuals.

Also, be mindful of what the use of cellphone footage is saying to your audience. While it may be great for a social media marketing strategy or to get an insight into your daily operations, marketing videos are a bit more thorough than a quick social media video post. They are visual representations of your business. Decide how you want to portray yourself and if cellphone footage supports that.

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