How to write a great script for your marketing video

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You can have the most beautiful marketing video, the best music, the most professional graphics, and perfect editing. But if your script is not great, your video will not be nearly as impactful as it could be. Viewers will care about the production quality of the video, but they will care about what you have to say more. Here are some tips on making sure your script is the strong point of your marketing video.

The length of your script is a vital decision to make. A long script is destined to make a long video that viewers are not going to watch. For more general marketing videos, try to stay somewhere between one and three minutes, or between 130 and 390 words. For more specific, hyper-focused videos, try your best to stay under five minutes, or 650 words. Just be mindful of your viewer’s time when writing your script, and consider breaking one video into two if the script gets too long.

Also, once you have the length of your video, you can now turn your focus to the content of your script. Regardless of the length, no one wants to listen to a video with weak talking points and confusing language. You should know exactly what you want to say to your audience in the video. Don’t be tempted to force in multiple topics or waver from your focus. Viewers don’t have time to follow a confusing script that leaves them with more questions about your business than answers. Figure out what you want to say, then say only that, and say it well.

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