How To Create Corporate Video That Generates Top of Mind Awareness

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Boosting sales and closing leads is quite a tall order for just one corporate video. Frankly, it’s not often a realistic sales goal. However, if your video quality is good, your corporation can remain relevant to your audience, and that’s a great benefit! 

We live in a very distracting world, and making touch points along the way keeps your leads warmed up to you. Majority of your audience would like to see more videos from brands, so having a video keeps you in the game, and on the score-board!

Video Is The Future Of Brand Awareness

You get one shot to make a first impression with a potential client or customer – let’s make it count! Whether you want to show the human side of your business or explain a new product launch, video is the future of marketing and awareness.

Video works in three ways to grow your brand awareness amongst your target demographics. It tells them more about who you are, what your business stands for, and your unique selling proposition. A corporate video encourages the viewer to organically enter the sales funnel by visiting your website and engaging with your products, driving up your profit margin.

The power of video comes from its share-ability. We’ve all hit the ‘share’ or ‘copy link’ button on a video and sent it off to a friend with a message of “saw this and thought of you.” When you make videos that are unique and engaging, your share-ability increases.

The share-ability of video is the driving force behind improving KPIs like sales conversions, online traffic, and overall business growth. Once your video is available to the masses, your audience becomes your biggest promoter. They can share it across their social media channels, networks, and apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. The share-ability of a video can help skyrocket your online traffic by putting your business in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Video is one part of your marketing campaign that can touch every aspect of your growth strategy. You can integrate it into everything from in-person presentations and social media posts to your website and exhibition booths. They create a powerful visual impact and draw in your target audience from the first frame.

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