How a Video Retainer will boost your marketing strategy results

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A Video Retainer will boost your marketing strategy results

Marketing Requires Consistency

You see it all the time on a company’s Youtube channel, especially a local small business channel. Their latest video (or only video) was uploaded 6-9 months ago and before then it was well over a year ago. Video and marketing isn’t a one-play gig, it needs commitment and consistency.

There’s no denying that people who are successful in business rely on consistency.

They are consistent in their marketing, their sales, the content they create, how often they post on social media and even in their morning routines.

So, if you want to get results from your marketing, logically, you need to be consistent.

Rule of thumb; the ROI for many small business marketing strategies tends to take about 90 days of consistent marketing. We tell our clients to always market for the following quarter.

Our Current Clients on our Video Retainers

We saw two things that happened from our clients on video retainers; they saw significant growth in their marketing, awareness and sales and they are overflowing with new and creative video ideas for their business. That’s why we love our retainer. Just think, how many video ideas, tips, and trends that you have had that would be perfect for a video? Tons, but you stopped once you realized the amount of work it would require to implement. Let’s think of how many videos you would have had off the ground if you had access to a video production company every month that is ready to produce those great ideas for you. That’s what it’s like being on a video retainer. You have Access to gain Attention.

The Value or Video Marketing

The team at PROMO conducted a study of more than 500 individuals of all ages.

According to the survey, 44% of consumers watch at least five videos online per day. That’s almost half of respondents watching more than five videos every single day. Even more incredibly, of those who watch five or more videos per day, about 35% say they watch more than ten videos online daily.

People enjoy watching and sharing video content so much that video marketing is the natural choice for businesses that want to widely distribute branded content.

We learned plenty about online video-watching habits, including these takeaways:

  • Facebook is still the platform on which people spend most of their time.
    56% of people spend most of their time on social media on Facebook, while 18% spend most of their time on Instagram.
  • 47% of people watch more videos on Facebook, while 41% do soon YouTube, and only 8% on Instagram.
  • 71% of people said they find the sponsored videos on their Facebook feed to be “relevant” or “highly relevant” to them.
  • Most people read the caption text above the video quite often. Only 10% said they rarely read the caption.
  • 58% of people said they usually react to videos they watch online.
  • 70% of people said they often visit the publisher’s website after watching a video.
  • 60% of people said they visit the publisher’s Facebook page after watching a video.

5 Benefits of Video Production Retainers for Marketing 

1. Trust

Video marketing is about people. It’s about connecting with people in a way that is honest, genuine, and relevant – connecting in a way that can be trusted. Successful businesses achieve this by fostering the same connections within their teams and strategic partnerships.

A video production retainer establishes this trust through long-term collaboration and opens the door to valuable feedback, improvement, and optimization of your marketing efforts that cannot be achieved through a “one and done” project mentality.

2. Integration

A video production retainer also allows your business to harness the capabilities of an “in-house” video production team and optimize content-driven videos to your audience. Working with the same video production team provides, reliability, and most of all centralized access to your final video assets.

3. Savings

This one is simple: buying in bulk always saves you time and money. Consider this, you have a trade show coming up and need 1500 ballpoint pens. Do you think it will be more cost effective to place separate orders for each pen or group them together in a single order?

Furthermore, the pen supplier can probably produce some extra ink colors with little to no additional cost if they know up front. But run that order in blue and then return a month later for red and you will likely double your total spend – as well as taking more time to get the product.

Video production is no different than the rest of your marketing collateral. With the right strategy and creative, we will find efficiencies to give you more bang for your buck.

4. Quality

We see this a lot among small businesses. Even if the content is valuable, a poorly made video will be distracting to viewers. Many business owners will simply throw anything up on YouTube that they filmed in their living room/office using the front-facing camera on their Phone. There’s a time and place for phone videos but you can’t make them your primary source of video marketing if you want your brand to be taken seriously. Some can get away with it, majority can’t.

We develop valuable insight over the course of your video production retainer and use this knowledge to continually refine your video content and campaigns. Similarly, your business will gain an understanding of our video production capabilities to better align future marketing campaigns.

Together, we constantly improve upon video communications to elevate the customer’s journey of your brand.

5. Demand

Effective video content must be fresh and frequent. Add that to the abundance of messaging you’re tasked with throughout the year and suddenly you are dialing up a substantial amount of video communications. High volume, yet high quality video content can be achieved, often at quicker pace, through your video production retainer.

6. (BONUS) You Simply Can’t Do It All

As small business owners and entrepreneurs alike, we’re usually tasked with doing everything, from sweeping the floor to the bookkeeping. It also feels like everything needs to be at the exact same moment and all at once. With that many responsibilities there’s usually once consistent task that always falls by the wayside; Marketing. Let us not only produce your videos every month, but upload it, write the descriptions and share it on your social network(s) for you. One less thing for you to worry about equals more time to focus on the things that you actually want to do.

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