Great Brands Are Storytellers

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Too often business owners, focus on the data, metrics, and the ROI of their product without tethering the marketing to the prospects’ needs. Facts and features are great, but only if your prospects think so too. Demonstrating your company’s passion and expertise goes a lot further than a “hard sell.”

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Great Brands Are Storytellers

There’s one thing that will increase the value of your business brand more than anything else?

When I talk about value, I’m not talking about the quality of your work.

But how much people are willing to pay for it and interact with it.

And there’s one element you can add to your videos and marketing that will automatically increase their value:
That element is STORYTELLING.

There was a viral video a few years back about a homeless man out on the street.

He was an old, ragged man with gray hair and an overgrown beard.

Next to him sat a cardboard sign reading, “I’m blind, please help.”

As he sat there for hours, people passed by, ignoring the old man.

Suddenly a woman appeared.

She crouched down next to the man, grabbed his sign, flipped it over, and began to write a new message.

Then she left.

And what happened next was a miracle.

Suddenly people walking by noticed the old man.

They stopped and left their spare change with him.

They went out of their way to pull out their wallets.

When the woman returned, the man asked her what she did to his sign.

And she told him what it said:

That one little change in words made all the difference.

But the only difference is that the second one told a story.

People can’t help but engage in a story.

When you hear or see a compelling story, you can’t pull away.

It’s like a vacuum. It sucks you in. And makes you want to stay.

There’s a famous quote that goes, “Facts tell. Stories sell.”

And that’s why the businesses who know how to tell stories have the most success.

If you’re still creating standard, cookie-cutter, out-dated marketing techniques for your audience, it’s no wonder why you’re competing with the noise in your industry.

But if you can learn to tell stories in your work, I promise it will instantly become more valuable. In fact, you don’t need to learn how to tell stories as we have techniques, coaches and procedures that bring the story right out of you.

Whether we’re shooting commercials, real estate videos, or branding/marketing videos; Facts Tell, Stories Sell.

Your audience craves video. Your business needs video. We’re here to make that decision easier for you. Give us a call,

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