Clients Can’t Come To You With A Problem If You Don’t Explain How You Can Solve A Problem

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Clients can’t come to you with a problem if you don’t explain how you can solve a problem.

Yes You Need A Video

Your videos should show how your product or service solves your customers’ most irritating problems. Create videos that demonstrate just how your service can address these concerns.

It’s really easy to forget that in order to engage the viewer, you need to connect with them. Telling them how great your product is with facts alone would be like doing a walk around for a customer, simply reading the information on the window sticker.

That is certainly not very interesting, engaging or creative.

Today, as even the smallest companies maintain robust websites, constantly update their social media presence, and have leaders who actively tweet and maintain LinkedIn profiles, taking such an old-school marketing approach to your direct communication can really start to feel out of place.

We need to spend time where our audience spends time.

To stay relevant and engaged we need to make sure we are getting the right information about needs, wants, expectations etc. from our targeted audience. This means spending time with them face to face, spending time with the virtually, spending time with them networking. As soon as we are disconnected from our audience in any way, our relevance starts to diminish.

Connect in ways that your audience wants to connect.

There are no shortage of ways to communicate, the challenge for us when it comes to staying relevant is ensuring that we are communicating in ways that are relevant to the market. If our targeted audience is embracing video and new social media platforms and we are not, clearly there are issues ahead. This might sound ridiculously obvious, yet I constantly encounter businesses that are complaining that they can’t reach their audience but they are trying to talk via platforms that they like, but their customers no longer use. We need to be nimble and flexible and connect how our customers want to connect not how it suits us.

Effective communication means being engaging

If you want to be relevant with your audience, communication needs to be much more about engagement as opposed to a one sided stream of information. Wonder why social media isn’t working for you? Try actually engaging with meaningful topics and conversations, rather than automating topics, articles and posts that you do not intend to engage with. We need to find the right way to stay engaged with our audience, that encourages a sense of trust and builds a meaningful flow of information, and that means a two-way flow. This is especially important to help with marketing – are we offering marketing material that our audience wants to hear or are we more concerned with what we want to say?

The “hard sell”

The hard sell is more and more frequently becoming “hard to sell” to audiences looking for helpful information, expertise, and entertainment. If you want a customer to give you their attention and their business, prove to them why they should. Demonstrating your company’s passion and expertise goes a lot further than a “hard sell.”

Your audience craves video. Your business needs video. We’re here to make that decision easier for you. Give us a call,

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