Strong Visuals Are Required To Make A Connection

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Touch points are chances to engage your customer. They’re chances to leave a lasting impression, to spur the audience to action, to make a connection, and to measure their participation.


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The Theory of Advertising – A Timeline 

1.  The first time a consumer looks at an advertisement, they do not see it.
2.  The second time, they do not notice it.
3.  The third time, they are conscious of its existence.
4.  The fourth time, they faintly remembers having seen it before.
5.  The fifth time, they read it.
6.  The sixth time, they turn their nose at it.
7.  The seventh time, they read it through and says, “Oh brother!”
8.  The eighth time, they say, “Here’s that confounded thing again!”
9.  The ninth time, they wonder if it amounts to anything.
10.  The tenth time, they asks their neighbor if they have tried it.
11.  The eleventh time, they wonder how the advertiser makes it pay.
12.  The twelfth time, they think it must be a good thing.
13.  The thirteenth time, they think perhaps it might be worth something.
14.  The fourteenth time, they remembers wanting or needing such a thing a long time.
15.  The fifteenth time, they are tantalized because they cannot afford to buy it.
16.  The sixteenth time, they think about buying it some day.
17.  The seventeenth time, they make a memorandum to buy it.
18.  The eighteenth time, they swear at their poverty.
19.  The nineteenth time, they counts their money carefully.
20.  The twentieth time they see the ad, they buy what it is offering.

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​That seems like a lot of touches before the consumer finally invests in the product. But in today’s busy world, filled with distractions and fierce competition for attention and dollars, it takes significantly more marketing touches to close a deal.

​Even with new marketing techniques ​getting
better touches, we still have to have a consistent number of touches.

More Touches Are Required  To Close The Deal

​The greatest aspect of marketing is finding
new ways to engage and compel YOUR ​prospects. One effective way is to add new programs, then test and retest your program mix to find the right combination, offering them at the appropriate times in the nurture cycle. Here’s a checklist of some effective programs to up your marketing game:

Social media: Everyone is on social media. If you are not doing consistent social for your marketing, add it noweven if you are targeting C-level executives in big enterprise. Figure out where they dwell in the social sphere and start a small program you can grow.

Influencer programs: We live in a world where third-party influence makes all the difference for buyers. This is a key place to invest.

Byline contributed articles: Publications are hungry for good thought leadership articles, which help spread your message.

Podcasts and video: These are easier than ever to produce, even if they have low-production value. They can be used for both social media and in nurture campaigns.

Visual content: Visualizing content is the high fructose corn syrup for prospects, and it gets them quickly. They get information they need without having to read a white paper or long-form content.

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