How much should your marketing video cost?

Th video production companies with more experience are usually going to require more budget. Judging from their portfolio of past work, you can see what kind of work they’ve done and the clients they’ve worked with in the past.

Yes You Need A Video, But What Do You Put In It?

Your branding video is the view into your company’s mission, culture, and day-to-day operations.

Video Is Just A Different Way Of Better Marketing

TC Productions Testimonial with Monique of Clear Communications Solutions from Trenton Carson Productions, LLC on Vimeo. Joe Polish is famous for saying, “There is no relationship between being good and getting paid. But there is definitely a relationship between being good at marketing and getting paid.”    Why Video? Why Now?  You might be thinking: why go...

Strong Visuals Are Required To Make A Connection

Touch points are chances to engage your customer. They’re chances to leave a lasting impression, to spur the audience to action, to make a connection, and to measure their participation.   What sets us apart from Trenton Carson Productions, LLC on Vimeo.   The Theory of Advertising – A Timeline  1.  The first time a consumer looks at...

After one quarter of consistent marketing, here are our results

Having a clear objective works wonders for a marketing campaign. With a clear objective, you can plan ahead and produce your videos in bulk. Research your Video Production company from Trenton Carson Productions, LLC on Vimeo. Attention is the Asset Before you can tell the customer what you want to accomplish or what you want...

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