After one quarter of consistent marketing, here are our results

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Having a clear objective works wonders for a marketing campaign. With a clear objective, you can plan ahead and produce your videos in bulk.

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Attention is the Asset

Before you can tell the customer what you want to accomplish or what you want them to do, you need to first have their attention.

It takes at least 90 days of consistent marketing before you start to see the ROI especially with the maturing process of video. It all starts with a clearly defined objective. With us, we knew that our small business audience new budgets were coming in the first quarter. Our audience tends to formulate their marketing plans for impact for the second and third quarters. Our goal was to increase attention and awareness to the brand, by highlighting company culture and expertise within our industry.

We wouldn’t advise our audience to do any video marketing that we haven’t done for our own company.

Here’s what we’ve done the in first quarter

Posting a new company marketing video every week.

Posting consistently to several social sites. At least 3x a week to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Made sure every newsletter had some video or visual representing what we do and who we are.

Marketing our videos with Facebook (Ads and Boosts) and Google/YouTube.

Our Results

Gained 5 new clients

Our business was humanized. There was an actual face to the company. This made us more approachable because our audience could actually see who was accountable on their projects.

Established ourselves as authority leaders within our industry.

Our website hits went up. Our audience clicked more and stayed longer because they knew we had more to offer.

They saw more players on the court. For a good while people thought that I was a solo videographer. That made sense because they only saw me at events. Now they notice the culture we established within the company.

By staying top of mind and showing what we do often, we had better referrals. The people who referred us understood what we do as a production company and knew the type of clients we were looking for. We were referred to clients who actually needed our particular services.

If you’re not consistently communicating to your audience, you’re pretty much invisible.

These are a few results from the first 90 days of consistent marketing. We’re set to see a significant ROI from those efforts. This doesn’t mean we should start to slack on our current marketing but for us to review and modify for the next quarter.

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