How to Make your video stand out on E Commerce Sites

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You already know that video belongs on your social media platforms, in your product ads and on your homepage as a vibrant gateway into the world of your brand. But did you know that you can also use video to convert visitors on your product pages, whether on your own website or on other e-commerce platforms?

When people arrive at a product page on your website, they’re probably thinking seriously about committing to that product. You’ve got their attention, and now you need to hold onto it.

Video has the power to overcome the gap between real life and online shopping by supplying the customer with an almost tactile experience, which online shoppers feel they miss out on.

Prioritize visuals and captions over background music and voiceovers on your product videos. Most shoppers will view your video as they browse and won’t bother to put the sound on, so don’t worry about creating that perfect soundtrack. Focus on telling the visual story.

It’s important to show the human impact of the product, so depict the product in its “natural environment” and choose a setting that viewers can relate to.

Remember that people watch videos as a way of evaluating whether a product’s specifications suit their needs. A great video will give plenty of detail – it should clearly show the size, color, and functionality of the product.

Don’t limit your product videos to just your own website -showcase your product on online e-commerce platforms, including Amazon. When it comes to Amazon videos specifically, setting your video apart is more of a science. In such a large forum where millions of sellers are promoting their products, it would be ridiculous to think you could beat out the rest through price alone. That’s why the visual presentation of your pages is key – making your videos more beautiful and convincing than your digital neighbors’ will help you stand out.

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