How to pick the perfect track for your company video

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So you think you have a great marketing video. You have the motion graphics, the stellar lighting, and the best script you ever heard. Everything’s just right, except you’re missing one thing: the perfect track for your marketing video.

We all know that music is the universal language, but what do you want to say in your video, and how are you going to use music to say it. When picking the perfect track for your marketing video, there are three things that you should keep in mind: length, mood, and relevance.

You should consider length in two ways: the length of the video and the length of the track. If you have a three-minute video, you certainly shouldn’t be looking at one-minute tracks. While it is possible to loop a one-minute track three times, it isn’t ideal and will sound noticeably repetitive to the viewer. Likewise, if you have a one minute video, and a long track it may sound a bit out of place and awkward when you fade out.

You should also consider the mood. No matter what the script says, the track underneath will dictate how the audience will interpret what is being said. So if you are saying inspiring, passionate words, you might want some upbeat, energizing music to complement that. If you are saying more somber, thoughtful words, perhaps a slower, emotional track would be ideal.

Finally, you definitely should consider the relevance of the track to the rest of the video. Beyond the mood, how well does the track fit with the feel of your video? You should consider the pacing of the track in relation to the pacing of your video, in addition to the relevance the track has to your audience.

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