Top 3 things you won’t see in your video, but your client will

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Sometimes you can watch a video so many times that eventually you begin to miss things. After spending so much time watching it over and over again, your eyes just get used to it. It’s natural. But to fresh eyes, everything is noticeable and significant. Here are three things that you won’t see in your video, but your clients will.

Your clients will never miss body language. In a video, the viewer can see everything. Your audience can see the nervous twitch in one of your eyes. They can see the awkward shifting of weight from one foot to another. They can even see through an ingenuine smile. Yes, b-roll can cover some visual bloopers, but it should not be solely relied on. If you want to communicate well, in-person or through video, good body language is vital.

Your clients will see any lack of confidence. This is important because if anyone should be confident about your business and what it can do for potential clients, it should be you. Now, everyone gets a little camera shy now and then, but with a supportive crew, you should be able to calmly and confidently talk to your audience.

Finally, your clients will see any signs of unprofessionalism. Incorrect spelling, choppy cuts, or fluctuating audio levels are not only jarring, but they are indicative of your attention to detail, even if you aren’t the one who edited it. Every detail matters to a potential client, even if you missed it.

Video is an increasingly powerful medium giving you an opportunity to be creative, memorable and provide your audience with purposeful content. And 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. So, what’s stopping you?  

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