How to Enhance your Marketing by Adding Video to the Mix

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Enhancing your marketing with Video

Think back over the last 3 to 4 years. How did you discover a new product, business or service? It was most likely in the form of a video. Let’s take it a step further. Once you discovered that new product, how did you learn how to use it? Again, it was most likely by viewing another video. Just like the video we produced above, that is how most of your audience takes in new information about a product, business, or service.

Over the years your audience has been conditioned to seek out the tool that gives them the most information in the least amount of time with the minimum amount of effort. That’s video. And this creates the next step.

Even though it’s now 2019, there are still a great amount of businesses with outdated or no video content. While your audience grows accustomed to seeing and demanding video, it has started to create a separation in credibility in small businesses.

Video marketing has been getting huge for a few years now.

If you’re looking for a proven way to boost traffic and increase conversions then you need a video marketing plan.

It can be scary creating video content for marketing if you’ve never done it before, but having a strategy makes it so much easier.

These days, every other company is implementing video marketing tactics in some way or another. Whether it’s publicizing video testimonials and reviews or creating educational video resources (in the form of webinars or courses), there’s a lot of brand-owned video content floating around.

It’s astounding how many business owners don’t quite understand why they are doing video in the first place. The usual arguments “My competitors are doing that” and “It seems to be a thing now“often come into play here.

It’s never good to do anything just for the sake of doing it, not just in marketing, mind you. The question “What I am trying to achieve here” always comes first.

Recording and posting videos without a specific purpose is a recipe for disaster. Most fall into the trap of trying to make a video for everybody or attempting to fit everything in one video. Let’s not do that.

What Do You Want From Your Video Content?

First, you have to evaluate yourself as a brand. What makes you different and brings your customers to you? What do you value as a business?

Second, figure out how your video content will fit in with your values and what your customers value in you. What problems are you trying to solve? What does success look like?

When your goals are specific, you’ll find it a lot easier to create content around them.

There are three key questions that  you should be asking yourself at this point:

  • Who are you?
  • Who cares?
  • How can you benefit your potential customers?

One of the easiest ways to create a plan for any type of content marketing is to break it down into a content marketing funnel. You’ll want to include specifics about what your content will do:

  • Where does the content fit into the buyer’s journey?
  • How does this content appeal to the target audience?
  • What content gaps does this content fill?
  • How and where will this content be delivered, used, and repurposed?


The top 5 most important video marketing tips


1. Keep Your Story Interesting

2. Get to the Point in Under 10 Seconds

3. Include a Call to Action

4. Optimize Your Content

5. Share Your Video Everywhere (That Makes Sense for Your Viewers)


Businesses must evolve with the times or die out. For small businesses looking to change up their marketing plan, utilize creativity and improve their online visibility, video marketing is a great route to pursue.

Your audience craves video. Your business needs video. We’re here to make that decision easier for you. Give us a call,

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