How to Engage your audience fast by going behind the scenes

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People are fascinated with the ‘story behind the story’ and seeing the people involved. Interviews with key characters offer an insight into the inspiration behind the concept or the motivation leading to the final product. It could include stories from the journey – issues and barriers overcome and the relationships built and grown within the team. It’s interesting to see the crew interacting on a professional level and during their down time.

Humanize your business

Seeing the faces behind the scenes allows consumers to get to know your brand. You’ll start to build relationships with people as they learn more about your team. Showing staff having fun and letting their personalities shine through isn’t ‘unprofessional’ – in fact; it’s hugely beneficial! We connect with people, not necessarily just a brand. If you can show the people behind your brand, you are more likely to attract your viewers.

Show the quality of your products or services

Knowing that you care about bringing a top-quality product increases consumers’ trust in your brand. Showing how you select raw materials, the manufacturing process, packaging process and quality control checks mean that potential customers understand the level of detail and love that you bring to your product.

What makes a BTS video special is that it reveals information and shows things that wouldn’t otherwise be public. Normally all the audience gets to see is the final product. Showing them what went on behind the scenes can be really valuable and special, so be sure to include some extra special treats!

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