A Quick Guide to Starting a Business in Atlanta

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A Guide to Starting a Business in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Its rich culture and thriving economy make it an ideal place to start a business and raise a family.

Cost of Living

For such a booming city, Atlanta maintains a comparatively lower cost of living. The median home price was $370,000 in October 2021; if purchasing a home isnโ€™t for you, there are over 2,000 listings currently available on Rent.com.. These housing costs bode well for businesses owners looking to establish themselves in the area and for their labor costs, as the average hourly wage for the Atlanta metro is below average at $27.30. 

Commerce Community

As a business owner, you need a strong professional network. Atlanta has many organizations to support entrepreneurs and help them grow their businesses. Making connections with other business owners is key, especially as you navigate the challenges of opening a new business in a new city. A few of these organizations include:

City Life

Atlanta is renowned for its food, historical attractions, and proximity to the coast. This vibrant culture attracts top talent and your business will flourish thanks to the flow of locals and tourists. The quality of life is higher in Atlanta, too. Here are some of the main events and activities in and around Atlanta:

  • Atlanta Dogwood Festival
  • Dragon Con
  • World of Coca-Cola


Your business benefits from having well-educated employees. This is especially true if your company is in a traditionally white-collar industry. Atlanta is home to many top-rated schools and universities. And you don’t have to wait until graduation to start taking advantage of the local college students’ talent. You can employ them as interns while they’re still in school to get a head start. Higher education institutions in the Atlanta area include:

  • Georgia State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Emory University


Atlanta features fair, mostly warm temperatures throughout the year. While you don’t quite get all four seasons, you do get great weather and an escape from the blistering cold that can often grip Northern and Midwestern states. Plus, the nice weather means you may be able to operate outdoors, depending on your type of business.


Another consideration is transportation. Atlanta’s traffic can be considerably heavy, so it’s important that your employees have multiple options for making it to and from work. MARTA is Atlanta’s public transit system and it serves the entire metro area through bus and rail routes.

Starting a Business

There are many things you need to accomplish to get your business operating, from finding a suitable location to obtaining licenses, to hiring staff. One of your tasks may be to legally form a corporation. Advantages to a corporation include easier ownership transfers, limited liability, and the perpetual life of the entity. Donโ€™t forget that you can use online tools to help you round out the launch of your business; for instance, find a free online logo maker and download an image to use on print advertisements and online. TC Productions can also help you develop cool promotional videos to spread the word about your business.

A+ for Atlanta

Atlanta is a fast-growing city with deep roots and a thriving, diverse populace. It’s quickly becoming one of the major hubs of the East Coast and many businesses and employees have found success in the Peach State’s capital.

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