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The Major Impact of a Simple Interview With Your Company’s CEO

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As part of a marketing and advertising team, we know how prevalent messages are coming from interviews with popular CEOs. We are also aware of the impact these visionaries can leave on a large audience. CEOs are taking to video to talk about their latest ideas and technologies while providing an outlook for their brand.

But have you ever wondered why these interviews manage to turn viewers into potential customers? 

The answer is pretty simple. “Interviews like these provide a more intimate connection between a brand’s head, and it’s consumers, partners, and workforce.” By providing a better insight into the inner workings of a company as well as its vision, more people are inclined to trust (and become interested) in said company. 

One simple interview recorded in a video that provides an air of genuineness from a brand head, can be turned into a wonderful catalyst for promotion that you can share with your audience.

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