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How to Create Executive Thought Leadership Videos

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What is thought leadership content?

Thought leadership is a tactic content marketers use to build credibility for themselves or executives in their company. The main goal of thought leadership is to become recognized as an expert and used as a go-to resource in your field. To become a thought leader, you can create and promote educational, helpful content and become active in the industry community, particularly on social sites.

A person or company might use thought leadership as a content marketing strategy because providing value to your audience demonstrates your brand helpfulness. Then, down the road when someone is seeking a product or service like the ones you provide, they’ll turn to you first.

If you’re good at it, you’ll increase awareness among your target audience, generate more leads, improve social proof, and boost engagement online.

Executives creating thought leadership videos

Is it really worth it to use video to rock thought leadership? All executives know that they need a strong personal brand to help give a personal spin on the thought leadership they offer to their industries. But with so many hats to wear — meeting investors, managing budgets, and creating a vision and strategy for the future — it can be hard for C-Suiters to set aside even more time to create awesome content.

Believe me: The payoff for creating original and engaging video content is massive. Across channels, these business pros are using video in their own way, and I hope these get you thinking about how to grow your audience with video!

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