Building Brand Awareness: How In-Home Health Care Services Can Leverage the Power of Video

In-home health care services can create educational videos that inform potential clients about their services and the benefits of in-home care.

Five Video Marketing Strategies For Healthcare Companies

Online videos are an essential component of healthcare marketing. Users worldwide spend millions of hours watching them each day, so it makes sense that companies in the healthcare industry should incorporate videos into their marketing strategy. 

Improving the Patient Experience: How Effective Onboarding Videos are for New Patients in the Healthcare Industry

Onboarding videos are a cost-effective and efficient way to provide new patients with the information they need to understand their healthcare provider's policies, procedures, and expectations.

Smiling More Patients: How Your Dental Practice Can Use Video to Engage New Patients and Build Trust

As a dental practice, incorporating video into your marketing and patient engagement strategy can help you reach and connect with new patients in a way that traditional methods may not be able to.

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