Five Video Marketing Strategies For Healthcare Companies

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Online videos are an essential component of healthcare marketing. Users worldwide spend millions of hours watching them each day, so it makes sense that companies in the healthcare industry should incorporate videos into their marketing strategy. 

Let’s look at some statistics that show why video marketing is a lucrative approach for healthcare brands and how you can leverage them to take your business to the next level. 


87% of adults use an online search engine to find health-related information. To attract their attention, you’ll need to create videos that not only offer value but build trust around your brand. 

This is important because people respond better to video content. It’s easy to follow and view in between meetings or over lunch. However, according to, Google favors video over content with text only, ranking sites with video much higher in its search results. So it’s a good idea to amp up your video marketing strategy.

There are lots of ways you can improve your healthcare company’s credibility through videos, such as: 

  • Videos that introduce your staff members to new patients. 
  • General patient testimonials about your healthcare practice 
  • Testimonial videos dedicated to a success story to show your provider’s capabilities

By offering valuable videos to existing and prospective patients, you can build trust and increase engagement. Place these videos on your website and social media pages to show just how credible your healthcare business is. 


A study by DigitalSherpa found that 80% of online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will thoroughly read a piece of written content. This means your healthcare organization cannot afford to overlook video marketing. 

If getting your audience engaged and fully immersed in your health-related information is essential to you, then the video should be, too. As the statistic shows, your audience is more likely to consume your content to its full capacity when there’s video involved. 

  • Educational videos on common screenings and treatment plans
  • A video series about updates to medicare and other health plans
  • Videos on price changes or new hours at your medical practice
  • An online video helping patients navigate their patient portal

Offering both written and video format is a great way to ensure customers have multiple opportunities to obtain necessary information and updates. It’s an excellent approach for your healthcare marketing strategy because it also provides content your customer service team can share with patients to help offer clarity on their questions and pain points. 


On average, email marketing provides the highest ROI. However, we’re all aware of how difficult it can be to get our target audience to open and engage with our email marketing when they’re receiving a hundred more email messages from several other brands. 

Statistics show that you can increase your email response rates by 25% when adding the word “video” to your subject line and email content. So focus on creating short-form videos that you can easily embed into your marketing emails. For example, include a health tip of the week or channel your humorous side to include a funny video about your office. 

You could also add links to informative videos you’ve created to make it easier for users to access them. This is a great way to make your email marketing campaign more engaging while taking your healthcare marketing to the next level. 


Over half of the professionals in the industry value video marketing as a must-have tool: “51.9% of marketing professionals consider video to be one of the content types with the best ROI” (eMarketer).  

Video marketing is not only necessary to attract and engage audience members, but it is also one of the most successful types of content across the board. This means its ability to provide results has been established and tested, making video a crucial method to adopt in your strategy. 

Depending on the types of videos you create, it’s easy to keep costs low. Since video production just requires a camera, good lighting, and some basic editing software, it’s relatively inexpensive to start a video series. Another way to save money on creating videos is to record any webinars and webcasts your company hosts and make them available to your audience. 

Videos are a great marketing tool for healthcare providers and companies looking to make their marketing strategy more cost-effective. They also support your SEO efforts, making it easier for potential patients to find your healthcare practice. This means you’ll see more ROI generated through your video marketing strategy. 


74% of all internet traffic in 2017 was aimed toward videos (Brainshark). With video dominating the content sphere, it has become more apparent than ever that organizations and brands that do not implement video into their marketing plan will become entirely irrelevant in the near future. And it’s safe to say that’s completely the opposite of what you want to do. 

Social media marketing is an excellent channel for your videos, especially if you want to grow your healthcare practice and attract new patients. High-quality video content can be just as effective as any marketing agency. 

Our Video Example


Create videos that are short and shareable. Encourage your followers to share the videos and tag your practice in their posts. This is a great way to gain subscribers and build customer engagement to support your marketing efforts. 

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