Real Estate + Creative Video= Sale

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Real Estate

Inspired by Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials, Dean Buchan of Coldwell Banking, reached out to TC Productions, LLC to create an interesting video for a real estate listing. This puts a twist on house viewing and has already increased interest for this particular house.

TC Productions,LLC Creative Real Estate Video Tour from Trenton Carson Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

Creative Video

You’ve probably heard the buzz about video and how important it can be to your online marketing efforts. According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of homebuyers and sellers start the process online. And when it comes to marketing anything online, video is The Next Big Thing. So, of course, it would seem to follow fairly handily that every agent should be marketing every property, neighborhood and even their own services online, right?

Every video should be telling some compelling story – and determining what that story is the ideal starting point for you. Whether you’re planning to film and edit the whole thing yourself or to hire a professional production company. The story doesn’t have to be super complicated. It can be as simple as a one liner statement about the home: family-style Tudor in friendly, pride-of-ownership neighborhood seeks its new owner.

You should definitely be open to the concept that your story might be found beyond the four walls of a given home. Some other stories you might want your video to tell include:

Who you are as a real estate agent, what your approach is, what the market is like?
The story of your area’s farmer’s market, local merchants or best restaurants.
The story – even the history – of a given neighborhood or district, and what it’s known for, who lives there, when and why a prospective buyer might be wise to consider moving there.

The Production Value & Quality

Having a considerate level of production quality is critical in real estate video marketing. House hunters are liable to be watching your video on a screen as small as their phone or as large as their living room TV set, so a poor quality video or one which leaves more questions open than it answered can actually harm your brand, rather than helping it.

You might think that it’s too expensive to hire someone to produce a professional listing or branding video. But experience has taught us that the enormous time drain that amateur video editing can become, makes it pencil out to hire a pro to handle the whole production for you – especially if you are working on a one-time set of personal branding videos or if you are going to be doing videos so frequently that you can qualify for a great deal with a production company.

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