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How In-house vs External Production, can affect your marketing initiatives

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This is one of the key decisions you need to make and will, to a large extent, be dictated by the budget you have available. But even if you have the resources, a professional video may not always be needed. Equally, if you don’t have the cash to splash on external help, then that shouldn’t stop you considering video marketing.

Taking a short, simple video on a handheld camera, or even on a mobile phone with a good quality camera, can have a valid place in the mix. It can offer a more authentic experience than a super polished video and there are many ways you might capitalize on it.

In contrast, there will be times where a professionally directed and produced video is called for, and anything else would lessen your impact. Production quality is the most important thing – whether you shoot it yourself, or book a professional crew. Any video you plan to share must be visually interesting, lit properly and the audio must be clear. Great content can easily be muddied by poor production quality and people nowadays have short attention spans, so you don’t have more than a few seconds to pull them in.

Video is now common place and stats consistently show that its popularity is on the rise. The viewing stats are phenomenal and if you’re not making the most of it, your competitors probably are (or soon will be), so find ways to make it work for you.

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