How to Get Multiple Professional Videos From One Video Shoot

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Working with the same video production team provides consistency, reliability, and most of all centralized access to your final video assets.

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This is what we do
If you have seen any of our marketing content over the last 6 years, you might have seen several of our visuals quite a few times, in different capacities. That was on purpose. Every production we have, our mindset is that we are always shooting for multiple videos. This leads to shooting a very good amount of footage because the plan is to produce multiple marketing videos from one video shoot. The end result is usually having around 3- 6 videos; 1 long form video and 3-5 short form videos for our social media, blogs and newsletters.

What is Evergreen Content?
Evergreen content is exactly what the name implies it is – evergreen, or everlasting. Evergreen content is long lasting and doesn’t have an expiration date, so the content holds its value. One of the most efficient ways to utilize evergreen content is by repurposing it into a video. One of the biggest perks of using this format is that there’s not a script to write. The hardest part of the work is already done. This is also the reason why we insist on producing high quality visuals and videos. We’ve literally used footage from 3-4 years ago and most of you didn’t even noticed, until now. One key element is to avoid things in your video that can tell time. Showing cell phones in your video (i.e showing an Iphone 4 in the background) can really date your video.  

Videos can live in several places

The same video can potentially be used on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, embedded on your website, etc. Your video content can be clipped down, expanded upon, or converted into new videos. You can also take infographics, photos, blog posts, and other types of content and turn them into videos. 

Audiences can read, watch, and listen, so video can engage them in a different way than static imagery. Plus, videos play automatically on some channels (with the sound off).

Show the quality of YOU and your products or services

Knowing that you care about bringing a top-quality product increases consumers’ trust in your brand. Showing how you select raw materials, the manufacturing process, packaging process and quality control checks mean that potential customers understand the level of detail and love that you bring to your product. These are the things most small businesses talk about and often use the phrase “Come see us to learn more, etc”.  The thing is, your audience is more likely to watch a video to learn the details of your business before they even set foot into your operation.

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