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Find Stories that will Connect, Engage and Entertain your Audience

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When thinking about the stories that will support your video’s purpose, recognize that not all stories are equal. Some have more emotional pull than others, some are funnier, some are action packed. Videos take time and money and there is no reason to spend valuable resources on a bad video. As you plan your video, consider which stories you have to tell, and which ones are the strongest. For example, testimonials from clients in interesting or exciting industries will be better than those in more conventional ones. Looking to recruit? Employees who are confident speakers and big company advocates will do better on camera than those who prefer to work quietly.

Concerned your skills don’t apply to a “how to”? If you’re in a niche industry, find a way to connect your skill to day-to-day problems or topics, an accountant can explain basic tax terms or ways to organize financial data. Talk to your team and think about how you can turn your company’s experience and experiences into interesting consumer experiences through video.  Remember to keep it simple and keep it short!

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