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Corporate Video doesn’t need to be Hollywood-level, but production value still matters

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No one is expecting your company video to look like a glossy Nike ad or a blockbuster action movie, but that doesn’t mean it should look like someone shot it on their iPhone. If you want corporate videos that will have impact you need to invest in them like any other marketing measure or company initiative.

“As you plan your video, consider which stories you have to tell, and which ones are the strongest.”

The best way to guarantee a decent production level is to hire professionals. In today’s competitive video production market there are probably more than a few video producers in your area and your budget. Ask friends for recommendations, search online, find their websites and review their work, find someone who does work you like and begin a conversation about budget and ideas.

You can often find video production firms that will do everything from concept to post-production or others who may want you to work on the concept and they will come in for production and post-production. Find one that works with what you want. If you absolutely have to go it alone, get a decent camera and a tripod. Make sure to check your video or shoot test shots to make sure the image looks the way you want. Watch a lot of other videos for inspiration and good luck.

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