How to Effectively Promote Corporate Videos Online – A Simple Guide

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Guest post by Felix Boone

Corporate videos are essentially a piece of visual marketing that directly promotes your business and its products/services. This type of multimedia can be incredibly effective for marketing. However, it can be difficult to know how to utilize these videos and how to promote them. This is what we look at in the article below!

Create a YouTube channel as a platform for your videos

Once you have created your corporate videos, you need somewhere to display them. YouTube is arguably the best platform for this. Anyone or any business can create a YouTube channel for free. Also, anyone can upload their video content for free to this platform.

A YouTube channel is a great base for your corporate videos. It means you do not have to invest in a hosting package, and over time, you could look at growing your audience and potentially monetizing your YouTube videos.

Include company branding in the video content

For your corporate videos to have maximum effect, they must contain branding. Without any branding in your videos, how will the customers identify with your business? The branding elements don’t have to be in-your-face – they can be subtle. 

However, your company logo should always be represented somewhere (You can use tools like LogoCreator to produce corporate logos). It is also a great idea to utilize your company color schemes for consistency with your other marketing and business website. Essentially, the corporate videos should match your business branding.

Utilize social media for free promotion

Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your corporate videos. Most businesses now have social media accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As a result, why not share your videos via your social media posts? It’s essentially free publicity.

Also, most social media platforms now have advanced options for embedding multimedia content into your posts. If you do embed videos in your posts, make sure that there is some accompanying text also. This will give the video context and is more likely to gain exposure.

Embed the video content on your website

For your videos to gain traction, they must be visible. A simple way to do this is to embed your corporate videos on your website. Many businesses embed marketing videos on their homepage or landing page. This is eye-catching and users are naturally drawn to multimedia elements like videos.

Alternatively, you could also embed your videos strategically into your product pages. For example, you may have created a series of product guides or “how-to” videos that complement your products. These could be embedded directly into the product pages of your eCommerce store, for example.

Embed the video content on your blog posts

Lastly, you could similarly embed video content into your blog posts. Blogs are powerful marketing tools that can give users additional information about your business and products. The best blogs utilize images and multimedia content. As a result, embedding corporate videos into blog posts could be a great idea.

The key here is that the embedded videos must be relevant to the blog subject! You should not simply embed a random corporate video into your posts unless it directly relates to the subject. If you do this, the readers are less likely to actually click on, or watch the video.

Why not give corporate video promotions a try today? Investing in a YouTube channel and promoting your videos via social media can be a great source of marketing. Depending on your level of success, you could even potentially monetize your YouTube channel as an additional source of income.

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