3 Tips on Shooting Your Own Video (DIY)

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We believe every business needs to take advantage of Video. In fact, we believe it so much that we think it’s important to know how to shoot video even if it’s a DIY Video. More often than not, business owners usually say something like this when they realize they need to add Video Production to their Marketing, Communications and Branding strategy…

“Video is so complicated, I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

It’s really not that complicated. It’s simply overwhelming. There are so many options available to businesses today. Obviously, the very best option would be to hire a professional video production company to handle the video project for you. That way you can rest assured you will be getting a vibrant visual, and actually work on the things you know how to do in your business.

But, not everyone is in a place to hire a video production company, and therefore has to rely on themselves for leverage. Fear not, we have a few tips for you DIYers (Do It Yourself) to help you produce your own video for your business. If you’re looking to successfully shoot your own DIY Video, these three tips will be very helpful to you.

Tip 1:

Plan your video in advance

To produce polished videos on a shoestring budget, you must know what you’re doing before you do it. You can’t just wing it in front of the camera.
For some businesses, planning means writing a full script in advance — and sticking to it when you shoot the video. Your script should include both dialog and shooting instructions, such as camera angles, props and the like. By going the scripted route, you should have the consistency you need to more easily incorporate multiple shots and camera angles. You know the onscreen talent won’t be improvising but will be saying the exact same thing in all the takes, even when you shoot from various camera angles in multiple shots.

Tip 2:

Always Use a Tripod

Shaky videos are terrible to watch and viewers quickly lose interest. Purchasing a $20 tripod for your camera will ensure you get rock-steady video. A camera’s digital image-stabilization feature is not reliable and often lowers the resolution of a video. Optical image stabilization is often a better bet, but a simple tripod is always the best option.

Tip 3:

Plan to Shoot B-Roll

B-roll refers to extra footage that you can add to your video to make it more interesting. For a small business video, you might take video of a service being provided and cut to the service being provided while the video subject is still talking. This is a great way to showcase the services provided.

TC Productions, LLC is a client focused, results oriented video production company based out of Atlanta, GA. With the goal of creating relationships rather than customers, our clients understand we are involved from start to finish and beyond. TC Productions plays a pivotal role by capturing and creating the clientele’s vision with the utmost of professionalism. A unique aspect of TC Productions is that we are equipped with an educational background, technical experience, and ingenuity that enables us to create professional videos at an affordable rate.

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