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How to Effectively Promote Corporate Videos Online – A Simple Guide

Guest post by Felix Boone Corporate videos are essentially a piece of visual marketing that directly promotes your business and its products/services. This type of multimedia can be incredibly effective for marketing. However, it can be difficult to know how to utilize these videos and how to promote them. This is what we look at...

Written vs Video testimonials

Unlike a static written testimonial, your audience are able to see how your real customer interacts with your brand in real life with video.

How to Create a Compelling Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos can help you a lot when it comes to building trust and informing your target audience about how good your product is. Testimonial videos are the “push” your potential clients need to take that next step.

How to make an effective video testimonial

A video testimonial is common on websites these days. They're almost always effective and often a centerpiece to a landing page or homepage.

How to Create Powerful Customer Testimonials Using Video

Smart companies create customer testimonials. Why? So their potential customers can hear from (and relate to) people just like them. They learn why they should buy a product and how it could be beneficial to solving their problems. Customer testimonials can do a fair bit of the legwork of a marketing and a sales team, helping to convince leads and move them further through the funnel and closer to a closed deal.