How Business Owners Love Videos, Until they have to do it

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Video marketing is essential for any business. We know it, your team knows it, your competitors definitely know it, and maybe you’re already on board. Maybe you’re already excited about the possibility of taking your business’ marketing strategy to a whole new level with the incorporation of quality video.

But, do you know what this looks like for your team? Have you considered exactly how you will execute this new strategy? If not, here are a few thoughts on why business owners love video until they have to do it.

Business owners love video until they realize the cheaper, do-it-yourself approach is much more difficult and time-consuming than it looks. After trying to write scripts, find the right equipment for their needs, and tackle the many other aspects of creating good video content, many could become frustrated with the process and maybe even give up altogether.

Every business owner must assess whether they have the capacity, time, and energy to do video themselves and do it well. And if not, they should start to consider hiring a professional video production company.

Business owners love video until they realize their expectations are not realistic for their business. When dealing with video, every business owner must pay close attention to their goals, intentions, and expectations for video’s role in their marketing strategy.

When you’re a small team with a very focused audience, you should not expect an entire blockbuster film that gives you overnight success as your first marketing video. Be realistic about what you want and how a video can get you there.

Finally, business owners love video until they start to compare their videos to others. Comparison truly is the thief of joy. If you start to compare your video’s views or style to other businesses, you’ll never be satisfied with your marketing strategy.

If you hire a video production company, they can create unique video content that’s specific to your business, your audience, and your goals. Instead of copying another business’ video, focus on your goals and your audience with intention, not comparison.

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