How to Align your Video content with your marketing and sales funnel

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Top-of-funnel video content is going to be the quickest and easiest to create because it complements the very first stage of the buyer’s journey, the awareness stage. Create educational video content that can help the buyer in their research process.

“Explainers” and“how-to” videos are excellent examples of great top-of-funnel video content. Case studies, testimonial videos and product webinars are perfect for your middle-of-funnel efforts. At this stage of the buyer’s journey, the buyer is evaluating all of the potential solutions to their problem.

Make sure your video content clearly conveys the value of your product and how it can be used as an effective solution to your buyer’s problem. Bottom-of-funnel video content is going to be the most time consuming to create, but it will boast the highest returns.

Product demos and interactive live streams are perfect for urging the buyer through the final stage of the buyer’s journey and closing them as a customer.

Video is highly effective for boosting engagement in today’s attention-poor economy. It’s becoming harder and harder to get people to take notice. Overcome this barrier by creating compelling video content.

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