5 Steps to Build a Video Content Marketing Strategy

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Video marketing is nothing new, but today it has become increasingly popular. And even though this marketing strategy has been around ever since we got the TVs, that doesn’t mean you should approach this digital marketing strategy without a plan. Even though creating digital marketing video content is similar to making TV commercials, let’s get over some steps you should take before you employ your video content marketing online. 

Start With Your Goals

The first step is visualizing and setting your goals for this video marketing. Ideally, you want to create a video for every stage of your marketing strategy, but you will have to decide which stage is the most important to target. There are a few things to consider here:

  • Awareness – you have to help your viewers realize they have a problem that you can solve. This stage should attract the audience and introduce your brand to them. 
  • Consideration – the viewer is considering how they can solve the problem. They do the research, ask for recommendations, and go through product reviews. 
  • Decision – they have almost found the solution and you want to remain in their consideration. You have to present them with proof that your product is their solution. 

Figure out the Story You Want to Tell

This part can be both fun and difficult. When creating a video, you have to know which story you want to tell – without the story you don’t have quality content. Make sure to outline the following four elements that will be your framework and the base of your story:

  • Protagonist with a goal – this person should align with your target audience
  • Conflict – the customer’s pain point
  • Quest – how you introduce your product or services to them
  • Resolution – how your product/services can solve the problem the protagonist has. 

These elements will help you get the story started and take the viewer on the journey. Also, consider the emotions you want your story to carry and imprint on the viewers. Do you want them to laugh, be inspired, happy, or sad? Think about these elements and your story will take its shape quickly. 

Don’t Forget the Creative Requirements 

While you are crafting your story, make sure to not forget the people who will need to approve your video. It also takes time to implement their feedback, too. That is why you should have clearly defined milestones when coming up with the story – scripting, messaging, goals, and many other things can throw off the whole production. You can also consider music video production services to help you with all the stages and set up a timeline for all the changes and their implementation. 

If you don’t already have a production team, then you might want to reach out to experts. That way, you can rest assured everything will go according to plan, and you can even get the help to create that plan for your video content marketing strategy.

Stick to Your Timeline, or at Least Try to

From creative ideation to actual distribution of the video, you should have a clear timeline and stick to it. What’s more, you can have several timelines – overall, production, distribution, and many others. These will serve as a guiding light and keep you organized and on top of all of your future and ongoing tasks.

Having a timeline is crucial for every member of the video content team, but for others as well. And all these teams and their timelines should work together and overlap in order to keep the marketing machine working smoothly. So, make sure that everyone is on board with keeping up with the timeline.

Maintain a Realistic Budget

Of course, you will have to set a budget for this campaign. Without a proper budget, it will be difficult to get exactly what you want, but you still have to be realistic. Plan out the money and resources that are at your disposal and see how much you can dedicate to video creation. Also, see which parts of the strategy you can splurge on and which will have to stick to some more basic budget. 

You can also shop around and ask industry experts how much they charge. If you are looking for an outsourcing team, make sure to find one that you can afford. You really have to be realistic with the budget and it should be a disposable one so you wouldn’t have to cut corners on other strategies. 

Implementing video content strategies for your marketing is always fun and beneficial. The video seems to be ruling the digital space and you should definitely join in. However, before you start, make sure to consider these few steps and stick to your timelines and budget.

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