How to create a video that’s worth watching

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Before getting out the cameras and writing the scripts, you have a few questions to address. What are some shared qualities of videos with high view counts? What elements of a video make it different from the rest?

The best videos are not always the ones you would expect, nor will they always manage to generate a mass appeal. The most important element of a video is that it connects in some way with the right target demographic. Good music, special effects and creative elements all play an equally important role towards achieving this goal, but they too can end up on the wayside.

Ultimately, the best video is the one that is watchable and has some sort of replay value. For small businesses, the best marketing videos typically have attributes regarding one of the following prompts:

Teach the viewer how to do something

Give viewers a simple, easy to digest video on how to do something. Better yet, show them how doing an everyday task is made substantially easier by using your product. How-to videos have succeeded wildly.

Invoke an emotional response

Invoking an emotional response of any kind within a viewer is a good thing. By tapping into people’s emotional impulses, you are managing to associate your brand and product with special memories people have.

Demonstrate the use of a product and how it solves a problem

There is nothing like showing your product at work, doing what it is intended to do. Without a doubt, it is the foundation of content video. Being a company that solves problems, no matter how big or small, puts you outside of the realm of pure self interest and allows your image to be that of a caring friend rather than just another company soliciting viewers for their money.

Keep it Simple

The simpler is better. Think of it like this: somebody decided to designate a few minutes of their time to watch your ideas come to life in form of a video. That is a blessing in and of itself, so do not take it for granted.

As much as you would like to tell them the entire lineup of what your company offers, do not. Keep it in line with one product or service per video. If you have to create more videos, then create more. Do not jam pack all of your ideas into one video because you feel it will cut costs. 

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