After you create the video what’s next?

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Video marketing is undeniably one of the most tapped marketing strategies today. But you need to do more than just to create a great video to maximize its full potential. There is no point for you to produce videos if nobody would watch it. If no one is interested to see it, and more so share it, then your video is practically worthless. Therefore, you should also come up with promotions and advertisements to boost your videos online visibility.

Publish Your Video Natively

Great video content is meant to be shared. And the best way to do this is to make sure your video is hosted online. You can start by choosing from these popular platforms: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram.

Youtube is by far the largest from these options. It is also the second largest search engine on the web, so it offers more opportunities to reach your target viewers.

But it’s not enough to just host your videos online. You should also determine how they perform so you can decide your next steps. You can either cross promote or run some paid ads behind your high performing videos.

Optimize Your Video Content

People don’t have much time and patience when searching online, so you should strike your prospects at a glance, persuade them to click, and watch your video now.

You’ll need to optimize the video for each social platform.

Use promotion tools and services

If you want your videos to reach more audiences then take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or even Linked In video promotion.

More and more people are hanging around social media sites almost every day. In fact, 80% of internet users are on Facebook. This just means, you can reach out to more audience through utilizing social media ads.

You can leverage your advertising by targeting your audience based on hundreds of factors. This way, you are gaining access to a more specific group of market that could possibly benefit from watching your videos.

Share Your Video in Niche Communities

Targeting online communities especially those in the same niche with your business is an effective way to promote your videos.

There are several different tools you can use to learn more about your target audience. But you can always start with a general search on Google. After which, you can get more specific by using social media.

Whether it be a LinkedIn group, a Facebook group, or any popular online community, you can actively participate in conversations or discussions while sharing your video content when relevant.

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