How to leverage video to stand out in sales

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75% of executives watch business-related online videos every week – and they share it with countless colleagues. Using video for sales works because it communicates the authenticity of your brand. Video builds credibility, and videos shared on LinkedIn receive 10x more exposure and shares than any other type of post. If you’re not using video for sales, you’re falling behind your competition. 

A great video for sales isn’t just a scripted advertisement. It’s a carefully crafted marketing tool that will lead to more brand exposure and a greater sense of trust with your market. The 4 main components every video for sales should include 

  1. Warm, personal greeting (and closing)
  2. Identification of the problem your customer faces
  3. Explanation of additional resources available to them to solve the problem
  4. A call to action that pairs a solution with your company and theirs

You NEED to Combine Landing Pages with Video Marketing Tools

After you decide to use video for sales, the next step is to start pairing landing pages with your videos. These landing pages become resources that executives will share with their colleagues, and you can watch your views and click rates skyrocket. A great video landing page includes additional resources that pair with the video, clickable call to actions, your contact information and your company’s social media platforms. 

Keep your videos short, keep them honest, and you’ll succeed in using video for sales.

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