Video Marketing with Animated Videos

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Businesses use innovative marketing tools in this digital age to promote their products. When any brand launches a new product, the question that arises in everyone’s mind is how to promote that product. We have seen a significant increase in the use of animated videos for product marketing.

Incorporating an animated explainer video helps in educating your audience about your product, and you can highlight its features. So, you can enhance your product marketing strategy with engaging animated videos.

If you want to learn about product marketing with animated videos, keep reading this article. We will reveal some of the best tips that help promote your product and increase audience engagement.

Why are animated product videos important for Ecommerce Websites?

Product videos help online businesses in building their brand trust. It helps online businesses to connect with the audience. You can use innovative strategies. For instance, your brand’s founder can explain the product. It will improve your viewers’ trust in your brand, and most likely, they will purchase your product.

These videos help in SEO, as innovative product videos increase your engagement and organic traffic. The video engagement helps in decreasing the bounce rate.

Incorporate Animated Video in your Email Marketing

Using video in email marketing is an ideal way to increase your audience engagement. According to BuzzFlick, using a video in email can improve your click-through rate by 200-300%. You can just write the word “video” in the subject of the email, and it will improve your email open rate and increase subscribers.

Moreover, you can incorporate a call to action CTA and add a creative thumbnail in your video to increase the views of your video.

You can easily incorporate video into email marketing through digital tools such as Marketo, HubSpot, SalesForce, etc. So, if you are not using videos in your email marketing, you are missing an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience.

Run an Animated Video Ad Campaign on Social Networks

As competition increases, many marketing experts think that advertising has lost its true essence and effectiveness, but some believe it is still effective. However, you need to come up with innovative ideas.

Most marketers use animated explainer videos to achieve their business objectives from their marketing campaigns. Modern customers love animated advertising because it provides viewers fun, humor, novelty, and freshness.

The best thing about animated video ads is that they increase your conversion rates and brand awareness and turn your prospect into loyal customers. None of the other content types can provide multiple benefits like video marketing.

You can invest in social media marketing and run paid video ad campaigns on Twitter or Facebook, increasing your return on investment.

Optimize the Thumbnail of Your Video

The most significant element of the video is the thumbnail. If your video is engaging, but its thumbnail is boring, it could impact viewers’ decisions, and they won’t play the video. So, create a thumbnail that attracts the audience’s attention and encourages them to play and watch your video.

Thumbnails should be attractive so that they increase your views and reach. You can use pictures of funny animated characters and anything engaging to attract the audience.

Pin your Video to the Top of your Social Network Feed

If you want to enhance your social media marketing, one of the best ways is to pin your animated video on top of your Facebook or Instagram feeds. When your audience visits your brand’s social media profile, their first encounter will be your product’s explainer video.

It will increase the views of your video by over ten times. Moreover, some people say Twitter cards help in increasing the conversion rate.

Promote Video in Online Communities

The digital world provides access to various online communities where people post their videos to increase traffic and connect with the audience. Brands have various options such as LinkedIn communities, forums, Facebook, Reddit communities, and Twitter chats. You need to find your target audience’s platform and share your video there.

Present Video at an Event

Another tip for product marketing is to play your video at any event. You can share your video at a meeting, conference, exhibition, stand-up, or any other event to uniquely highlight your product’s features and benefits to the viewers through an engaging animated video.

Use How-to videos

Marketers use how-to videos and demo videos to showcase their product features. It is one of the best ways to educate your target audience about your product. Demo videos allow you to use visual elements to explain the features of your product.

In comparison, you can use a how-to video to educate your audience on how they can use your product.


Animated videos have changed the dynamics of marketing. Brands are using these videos to enhance their product marketing. Animated videos help businesses highlight the features of their products. Once your audience knows about the benefits of your product, they will most likely purchase your brand’s product.

Mainly, brands use animated videos for advertising their new products to the target audience. That is why most companies use these videos in the tech industry to educate their customers about their product features. Some products are technical, and videos help in explain how to use a product.

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