“How-to” find success with your Corporate Video content (a very quick guide)

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Schedule your videos ahead of time

In various platforms like Sprout, you can use publishing and scheduling tools to make quick work of delivering social content. Upload your video. Write a keyword-driven title and description. Schedule your video. And you’re done.

Monitor your video’s performance

After your video goes live, it’s time to gather insights. Use YouTube Analytics to zero in on your best performing videos. Keep track of your views, watch times and engagements. In your YouTube Video Report, you can quickly review your top performing videos at a glance or uncover engagement metrics for each video. The report enables you to easily understand the immediate and long-term impact of your YouTube content.

Find the right content mix for your channel

When you have multiple published videos under your belt, determine which content themes pique your audience’s interest. You can analyze your cross-channel performance at the post level. The metrics will help you understand which videos resonate and why.

After you unlock your formula for success, rinse and repeat. Create more videos with similar content themes to keep your momentum going. The ideas in this article can help you get started, but it’s all about finding a creative angle that fits your brand and your audience.

During this period of extraordinary growth and opportunity, the time to breakthrough on YouTube is now. The more you instill authenticity and listen to your audience, the more likely you are to succeed.

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