The Role of Video Marketing in Advancing Financial Services

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Digital marketing strategies and techniques are unstoppable. And today, video is taking control of the marketing industry because of its ability to raise brand awareness, increase engagement rate, and boost ROI opportunities.

In 2019, a study showed that 87 percent of marketers consider video powerful and utilize it in their strategies. With the booming demand for video content across many platforms, it is no surprise that even the financial services sector is now welcoming videos as one of its marketing tools.

Getting started in video content involves certain strategies that will undoubtedly help in your campaign’s success.

Set Measurable Goals

Conceptualizing, producing, and editing videos are fun. But act wisely! Before anything else, be grounded and set measurable objectives and goals such as boosting organic traffic, sales conversions, or reaching a particular follower and engagement milestone within a certain amount of time.

This stage is also the perfect opportunity to plot the steps to ensure the campaign’s success. A marketing plan that demonstrates solid objectives is essential. Without it, proper execution can be at stake, flushing thousands of dollars down the drain.

Make Valuable Content

Videos are the perfect opportunity to educate and bring valuable information to the audience. Create content that teaches viewers about starting a business or boosting their personal finances. Be a trusted leader in the industry by simplifying complicated financial concepts into fun, educational, and relatable content. From saving for retirement to investment opportunities, the video ideas are endless.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Aside from brand-created content, a great addition is user-generated content or UGC. It helps build authenticity and integrity that also generates a good amount of engagement. Videos created by consumers make the brand more compelling as it involves ordinary people, just like their target audience.

A brand can encourage user-generated content by asking followers to use a specific hashtag and re-share their video on the company’s feed or page. This strategy can also be a social media contest wherein winners can win cash prizes or discount rates.

Be a Trustworthy Brand and Show It Off

Creating video content for a financial services company is a great chance to showcase the brand’s competence and trustworthiness. The videos should be engaging, imaginative and demonstrate their professionalism to come out of the gates strong. Anchor the content to the brand’s objectives and goals to guide content production.

Publicizing case studies is an excellent content idea. Feature satisfied clients exhibit authenticity, boost the brand reputation, and create an emotional connection that instantly attracts new customers. Testimonials are great for sharing on platforms such as Instagram Stories, IGTV, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, opening the door to viral content.

Get the Audience Involved

Make the clients feel involved and close with the brand by addressing their name in a video embedded in an email or app. Eighty-five percent of marketers do this because they believe that consumers expect a personalized experience. Go the extra mile and perform extensive market research to determine the customers’ needs and preferences and include them in the marketing strategy.


Some of the challenges of financial service companies are building trust and keeping their clients’ attention. Compelling videos that showcase the brand’s authenticity and competency and provide valuable knowledge are the keys to your success. Be consistent in crafting quality videos and reap the rewards of feedback and organic reach.

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