Questions Our Video Production Company Asks Before Creating Your Video

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As a video company, We spend most of our time with clients discussing how we can tell their stories through video marketing. And though everyone wants to share their unique story differently, some common questions are helpful for those who wish to produce a video. 

What’s The Purpose of Your Video?

Before tackling the video production process, we need to know your video’s goal. Is it for marketing? Branding? Or are you looking to educate your audience? Either way, we need to understand your video’s purpose so we can adjust it to your unique needs and preference.

Once we grasp your video’s purpose, we’ll set proper expectations and understand what to make. We’re talking about the content’s goals, objectives, KPIs, and metrics.

Who’s Your Target Audience?

Determine what demographics you’re aiming for to guarantee a better reach. This is crucial and lets the video company tailor-fit the video to your target audience. We need a clear vision of the population you wish to attract, providing the best video quality possible!

We can speed up the video production process if you’ve already researched and settled on a target audience. And if your video is for a targeted campaign, we’ll make it look and feel as it is.

What Do Your Viewers Need To Know?

Do you know what info your viewers want to get from you? Imagine being in their shoes and understanding that the information you wish to share differs from what you want the audience to know. Once we get a hold of this information, we’ll set the stage, delivering bespoke videos your audience wishes to watch.

How Much Does Your Audience Know About Your Company?

It’s essential to know how much your audience knows and where you assume they’re taking action. This gives video companies crucial info on where your prospect lies on the your marketing funnel. And how they make the video depends on where your viewers are on the marketing funnel.

If the audience is unfamiliar with your brand, we’ll create a video introducing what your business is about, giving a lasting impression. But if they have an idea of who you are, we’ll make content guiding them in making better-educated decisions. These variations will need a unique style of storytelling and budget.

What CTA Do You Want?

Do you know which call-to-action to use? How do we tell your audience a story enough to compel them to take action and buy whatever you’re selling? Inform the company about the CTA you prefer, and we’ll edit the video in a low-key way that’ll convince your viewers to take action on their own. We’ll handle everything, including the music, dialogue, voiceover, and script, directing to your CTA.

How Will You Market the Content?

How are you going to market the video? Are you looking for assistance in promoting the video? Can we assist with the marketing initiative or social media campaign? It’s a waste if a great video only gets a few hundred views on YouTube and then dies there. Reaching the targeted audiences at the start is essential to get the most out of your video marketing budget. This is where a solid distribution plan comes in handy.


Showcasing stories via videos isn’t easy. Luckily, the best video production company in the metro Atlanta area can do that for you.

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