How to Use Video Marketing for B2B Marketing Directors

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Are you looking for how to turn your company into a magnet for potential customers? Are you looking to present your business in an authentic and attractive way? All parties are at an advantage if you are a B2B business because you try to conquer an equal. It goes without saying that if marketing directors manage to get to a customer’s mind, you will produce a reaction. And if you reach the heart, you will generate commitment. Video marketing is the ideal vehicle to achieve such goals.

You’ll need to define the ideal buyer persona or archetype of the customer of your products or services and give them the value they need in their purchase decisions. And once you know them well and are able to put yourself in their shoes, it will be the perfect time to deliver relevant content in the form of a video.

Inbound Methodology

The inbound methodology is divided into four phases: discovery (attraction), consideration (conversion), decision (closing), and loyalty (delight). In other words, a process by which a stranger becomes a visitor becomes a lead or sales opportunity, a customer, and, finally, a prescriber of the brand. The video can positively intervene in this process in the following ways.


In this first stage, we seek to attract traffic to our website or blog. Or rather, it’s when a stranger comes to visit us, but they still don’t know us. What we intend in this first contact is to get their attention, so it will be better for us to use short and direct content.

For the blog, you can accompany your first posts with 1-minute explanatory videos that will help you understand the message much better. In addition, by accompanying it with a short explanatory video. Even if you’re caught up in time, you can stand in front of the camera and tell it for yourself.


We move on to the second phase, where the user has already shown interest in your brand. What can we do to keep moving forward in the sales cycle? It is the perfect time to tell you on video the details of your products and services: how they work, what problems they solve, what their advantages are, etc. The user will quickly understand the problem or need they have, which will lead them to investigate different solutions.


In the third phase, users are already looking at a handful of options and solutions, and it must be recognized that your brand is among them. You know what it takes: to get the best out of your brand and display it to potential customers.

Therefore, it is essential that you talk to them about yourself through webinars about the product or service you offer, explanatory videos where its operation is shown with simplicity, videos behind the scenes to show the day-to-day life of the company, re-marketing, and more.

Suppose you think that by having an attractive website and generating sales, you have already done everything; you are very wrong. In fact, it is advisable to retain customers to get new ones. Why do you think HubSpot announced a couple of years ago the evolution of the conversion funnel to the flywheel?


The flywheel takes advantage of the satisfied customer to get recurring recommendations and sales. It is a business that spins and turns without having to return to the starting point once all the energy has been deposited to attract a customer. In the loyalty phase, you can create videos that reinforce brand values with creative formats. Even make testimonial videos. Or simply present new products to existing customers.

The video format also favors SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for two main reasons: if we include it on our website, we increase the user’s time spent on it, and YouTube helps us gain positions thanks to the possibilities it offers to include links, tags, and descriptions, among other things.


In short, there are a multitude of options for using video marketing in B2B. You are part of an industry that reinvents itself every year because of the need to differentiate itself, regardless of whether you are a large, small or medium-sized company. Because regardless of the size, you want and struggle to improve and optimize your products, as well as to earn the trust of the public. And just for that reason, you should already apply video marketing.

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