Have a Small Marketing Budget for Video? Here’s What You Should Do

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The idea of marketing directors spending money on new initiatives might be scary. Inflation’s rocket-powered growth has made many products and some services out of reach for many consumers, and that trickles through to our business brand lives too.

But the one consistent thing marketers experience is change. Marketing fuels progress for all businesses. It helps extend brand awareness, reminds clients and prospects that you exist, and exhibits exciting initiatives.

Plainly said: You need marketing. More specifically, video marketing.

With the possible recession coming my professional advice is not to slash your marketing budget. Rather you must continue to invest wisely. Times are still scary, but it is even more important now that you establish and reinforce your company’s brand presence.

Your budget will likely be cut to some degree. In all likelihood, your entire company’s budget is facing an adjustment to their budgeting to some degree.

Do you have a way to create marketing videos?

Yes? Good work!

No? Well, you know the drill by now…

You hear us say this all the time, but videos are an increasingly valuable and important marketing method in your toolbox. Video content is on the rise because it’s easy to consume, and believe it or not, can be just as easy to produce.

Sleek, highly produced videos are awesome but don’t think you have to have a studio and a multi-cam setup in order to create video content. There’s a time and a place for that, but there’s also plenty of room for quick, easy-to-produce videos and content that a person can create all on their own.

What does take time is the planning and distribution of this content. Invest in resources — either internal or external — that can help you put together content that can be used in multiple ways, multiple times.

Resources Required

  • Lighting for each contributor like this ring light from Amazon or this other good option for on-the-go
  • A decent microphone for each contributorThis lavaliere mic works with a standard audio jack, or has an iPhone lightning port adapter. Another good option is this Shure microphone.
  • Video and/or audio editing software OR an outsourced editor. You’d be surprised what you can do in Canva with video, but this is a truly worthwhile external investment
  • A place to host videos (YouTube works great)
  • Royalty-free music
  • Graphic designer for intro/outro, if your outsourced editor is unable to provide
  • Video caption creator

Time Required For:

  • Recording videos: Start with one-hour blocks and try to get enough content for three to four one-minute videos (1 hour/recording)
  • Designing video intro/outro (Varies)
  • Researching content and writing scripts (Varies)
  • Reviewing captions and editing transcript (Depends on length of content)
  • Posting transcript to website (15 minutes)
  • Related email, social, and other promotion (Varies)

You might not be able to do everything in video marketing, but alI these are the essentials you can’t ignore. Don’t get left behind because you failed to invest wisely in your marketing. Do it now while you can.

Still have a few questions about adding video to your marketing strategy?

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