How to Keep your Video Content Digestible

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Keep Your Video Content Digestible:

60% of respondents watch video before reading content on the same page, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than reading text for business information.

Don’t Be Boring:

Most websites, including financial planning advisors, CPA’s and holistic health sites, are about conveying a ton of information. And it’s usually boring jargon that the average viewer cannot stomach in one sitting. The easier and more digestible you make your content to process for your visitors, the more likely they are to stick around and want to learn more. Video is a perfect way to do this.
We all run into these industry experts, the ones that will forget more about a subject than we ever can learn about. We’ve met some that just spew out fabulous content, but it’s so much that we either can’t keep up, or are turned off  and overwhelmed over the fact that we know so little.

Little Gold Nuggets are GOLDEN:

Then there are the ones who gives up just little trails of golden nugget filled bits of information. Those are the ones we tend to follow like sheep. Waiting on the next 2 minute video, or 4 paragraph blog post. The reason we follow and consume that content is because its so digestible. We all leave feeling more knowledgable and confident about a specific topic that we just learned about 3 minutes ago!
This is what I teach my clients. How to take a topic they are well versed in, and break it down into bite sized form. We just choose to do it in video format.

The Key to Digestible Content:

Everybody knows the phrase, “How do you eat an elephant………one bite at a time.”
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