Your call to action, is your best plan of action!

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Video Call To Action

 The point of a call to action is for you to tell the viewer what you want them to do as a result of watching your video.
Examples of a call to action include:
  • visit our website
  • sign up for our newsletter
  • watch our other videos
  • share with your friends
  • click here now for a 50% discount
These calls to action all have different aims. ‘Share with friends’ is about engagement, whereas ‘watch our other videos’ is about driving the viewer to other content you have created. Asking viewers to ‘sign up to our newsletter’ is about capturing leads and ‘click here now for discount’ is a sales-oriented approach.
Keep Them Focused
There is so much information on your site, with an introductory video, it’s an easy and interesting way to provide your target audience and visitors with an understanding of what the company does without them having to read through a bunch of text.
You can provide information with your video by:
Summarizing who the company isExplaining your product or serviceExplain your terminology
Give Them Direction
Do your visitors know what to do next after landing on your homepage? Sometimes they have no idea where to even start. With your video you can provide each visitor with some sense of direction. You may have talked about something that interested them. This especially comes in handy when showing people using your product or when mentioning how your service can bring them results. They will want to learn more about that product or service.
Video Tip: Having lower thirds that displays your phone number and email address are high functional call to action demonstrations. They require attention from the view to shift their eyes and focus on what just popped up on the screen. Having too many is a distraction, having the right amount will be effective.
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